Faith! Urban Portrait Photographer :: Melbourne, Florida

The portrait sessions just keep coming, and I couldn’t be happier. This past month has been filled with such wonderful learning experiences, and I have been able to grow creatively more than I could have even hoped.

Recently, I was able to photograph Faith, a beautiful 19 year old with such a serene disposition. Her eyes had that intensity that just makes a photo come alive. She was a little bit shy, but every time she looked at that camera, it was just stunning. There was such thought and calmness behind her eyes. Gorgeous! I could not get enough of those photographs!

And now, you get to see them, too 🙂

We also had her mom and sister strutting their stuff at the shoot. I’ll post some pics from her sister’s session in a few days, another amazing girl! Here’s one more of all three to close out the post.