Funky Threads for Friday :: Ruche

Photography and fashion are so inherently linked.  If you want an interesting photograph, grab some interesting clothes!

Now, I love, love, love to hang out in my “comfy” pants all weekend.  My fashion is casual by definition.  But, as I get more and more involved with photography, I am finding myself so intrigued with clothing.  Most of all, I want to have fun with the clothes I choose, and I want to attract clients that have fun with fashion.

So with that in mind, I would like you to introduce you to Ruche!

Ruche  just released their new fall lookbook this week, and I have been drooling ever since!  So, come, drool with me, and peruse some funky threads.

(If you want to shop for the outfits, just click on the pictures.)

Ruche clothing feels like an edgy librarian to me.  It is soft and subtle with muted colors, but it definitely has a sense of funk, also.  I love the tights, leg warmers, and boots combo.  Throw in a few layers with an awesome jacket, and you got a killer outfit.

Definitely check out their accessories.  Bags and purses are my accessories of choice, and Ruche’s are top notch, especially their shoulder bags.

And, to top off the list of Ruche’s awesomeness:  totally affordable.  Even their dresses and purses are $50 or less.

Happy shopping, friends!