Facebook Fan Page :: Up and Running!

I finally got my social networking act together and set up a facebook fan page. And, I have to say, that it was not easy! I am by no means computer illiterate, but, man, facebook is confusing! With a little perseverance, I plowed through, and now I have a fully functioning fan page.

A fully functioning fan page with 5 fantastic fans! A little pathetic, I know, but I have only been up and running for one day. A huge thank you to those first few fans (and a huge thank you to my sister for being fan #1!). You guys are so awesome and supportive!

It is mostly designed around my portrait business, Kathleen Frank Photography, but I will also be posting updates about my fine art work periodically.

Please head on over and check it out. Jump on the bandwagon, and maybe I can make it to ten fans by the end of the day! Also, if you know anyone in high school, I would definitely appreciate it if you passed the word on to them. One of the main reasons that I set up the fanpage is because I love working with seniors, so if you have any senior connections, please pass on the info 🙂

(If you come by the post on both my fine art blog and my portrait blog, I am so sorry for the redundancy! Some of this crazy business stuff overlaps, and I wanted to have it visible on both blogs.)