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I would like to introduce you to  If you like funky and youthful with a vintage twist, fredflare will be right up your alley.  It is just full of everything cute and wacky.

I am dying, absolutely dying, to use those heart-shaped glasses in a photo shoot, even if it has turned a bit cliché.  They just look like so much fun.  How can you not love a photo with heart-shaped sunglasses!?

Confession:  I have added them to my shopping cart twice now!  But each time, I hesitate and cancel the order because I don’t want to spend the extra $5 in shipping.  (I am so cheap!)

It looks like I waited just long enough, though.  Fredflare is offering free shipping during the month of September!  Campy photo prop, here I come!

*Note*  I have to throw out a big plug for The Light Fantastic blog, written by Mandy Bryant.  I found fredflare by way of Mandy’s blog a few months back.  She is also one of my all time favorite photographers, so I have to spread the love whenever I get a chance!

**Note**  And… today is my anniversary.  Four amazing years.  Ronald, I love you.  🙂