Urban Fashion Editorial :: Melbourne, Florida Photographer

This summer I was lucky enough to spend a few moments in photography heaven.  Seriously, it was the coolest experience.  I traveled to Ohio (my old stomping grounds), and I had a mentor session with the awesome Michelle Black.  Not only did I get to pick her brain on all things photography, she also let me tag along on a fashion shoot. 

Michelle styled the shoot and found our location.  She also came up with the idea to have our model, Lorrine, rock that wig!  And let me tell you, Lorrine did rock it.  It is not easy to wander around a midwestern town with a wig like that.  We had quite a few stares, and a few people even stopped to chat, but Lorrine was not shaken.  She had such a cool confidence.  What a dream to photograph!



If you want to hear more about my mentor session and see a few more pics from the shoot, check out this post on my fine are blog.

Enjoy the short work week, my friends!