Thursday Threads :: Rover

This week’s fashion Thursday Threads is a little different.  The cloths aren’t exactly for you. They are for your little, furry best friend 🙂

I found Rover a couple of weeks ago on Etsy, and I just about died.  Rover co-founders, AnneMarie and Gillian, have created the most regal, most adorable line of dog clothing and accessories that I have ever seen.

I think what got me even more than the little, tiny dog shirts were the photos!  Look at those pups; so austere, so majestic.  I just can’t get enough of them.

Now, I know that I could never get my dog in one of these things.  Ronald and I tried once…  We ended up with a very agitated dog and shards of fabric all over our floor.  We even tried the dog snuggie once.  Yes, they make them!  But that story if for another day 😉

I want to hear your puppy stories!  Show me your adorable photos of the dogs in your life that think their people.  It may not be my usual photography stuff, but I don’t care; I want to see some more photos of dogs in shirts 🙂

Then, go show Rover some love.