Thursday Threads :: francesca’s

It’s Thursday.  And Thursdays are for fun, fashiony things.  And today’s fashiony thing is Francesca’s Collection.

I literally stumbled into Francesca’s one day as I was making a bee line from my car to The Loft.  I was on one of my “mission” shopping trips.  No time to play around.  I just had to run in, find x, y, and z, and get out of there.

About two doors down from my destination, I pass this little nook of a store that I vaguely remember passing before.  Honestly, it looked like one of those schmancy boutiques that I have no business being in.  But, for the first time, I took a closer look in the window.  Ah!  What had I been missing?!

The clothing was trendy and young, and the accessories, killer!  Still, I almost walked right past.  I thought for sure that it would be way too expensive.  Wrong again!  It was so very affordable.  I walked out of there with a purse on sale for 20 bucks and a sweater that was about the same*.

Moral of the story: Never take the mall you think you know for granted.  One day, it too may surprise you.  Keep your eyes open, young grasshopper.

Anyways, take a look…

* According to my Ronald, I have a bit of a problem when it comes to rounding numbers, at least when it comes to shopping 🙂  In the world of reality, I could have paid anywhere from $20 to $50 for that purse.  In the world of happy, shopping Katie, I got that purse for 20 bucks.  I do  hate to lead you astray, so please accept my apologies.

Now, how on earth do you add in that smiley face with the sheepish grin!?