Thursday Threads :: The Ting Tings

Today’s Thursday Thread is a bit more inspirational in nature. I am featuring a band, a look, an essence, not a store. Deep, I know.

Ronald and I have a bit of an obsession with quirky British things. I think we are destined to live overseas. This obsession has recently spread to The Ting Tings, an English band full of the funk and quirk that I adore.

Lead singer, Katie White, is pure fashion awesomeness. Anyone that can pull off a hat with every outfit has some serious style. I swear, hats are the most difficult fashion accessory, but Katie White has definitely tamed the beast.  She also makes many of her own clothes.  How cool it that.  I want to be cool and British.

And let’s not forget Jules.  Jules de Martino is the other half of The Ting Tings, and he rocks a very streamlined, techno look usually comprised of a leather jacket and aviator glasses.

Check out some pics:

Fashion tips from The Ting Tings:

1. Bold is fun, go colorful and go bold

2. Tights rock, pair them with short shorts or a puffy skirt, add some tennis shoes to keep it fun

3. Hats are the ultimate accessory, but be cautioned, only a select few can even hope to pull it off

4. Boys: Adidas shoes and aviator glasses, you can’t go wrong

5. If you can’t find it in a store, make it yourself.  (Then, make it for me, cause I can’t sew worth crap. 🙂 )