Why I Love This…

Sometimes I am just struck by why I love this crazy photography thing that I’m doing, and I was struck yesterday.

This is what I was doing all evening last night.  Spray painting snowflakes.  Lots of snowflakes.

I am planning a vintage Christmas shoot, so, of course, I needed to find me some snowflakes.  I found these fantastic chipboard snowflakes from a fellow Etsy seller.  I bought a bulk size load.  But… chipboard is a gross brown, and that just wouldn’t do.  That’s where the spray paint came in.

This is part of my photography world!  I spray paint, I craft, I go thrifting, I get lost driving through town, all in the name of the perfect photograph.  It is always something new and creative.  I am never stuck in the same place for too long.  I can get lost in my own imagination for as long as I want, and it is considered acceptable.  I love this!

Yesterday, I was struck by how much I love what I’m doing.  I remembered why I was working so hard at this photography thing.  I remembered why it was worth my time when I don’t have any.  I was so thankful that God gave me the passion to try, and I was so thankful that Ronald gives me the support to keep going.

Go get struck by the things that you love.  Enjoy the passion.  Enjoy the creativity.  Enjoy the fun.  Enjoy whatever it is that makes that thing worthwhile.