Thursday Threads :: Etsy Love

Many of you know that I also sell my fine art prints on Etsy, so I have lots of Etsy love.  I love browsing the categories, the proverbial window shopping of Etsy.  I love checking out the front page and treasuries, and I love adding all kinds of handmade gems to my favorites list.

So, this week’s threads comes from my friends in the handmade community: a simple but chic tunic look, paired with over the shoulder clutch and matching triangle necklace.  I also included a to-die-for vintage camera, since this is a photography site and all!

1. Purple Pleated Tunic by larimeloom


2. Coffee Bean Leather Clutch by jennyndesign


3. Copper Banner Necklace by littlepapercrane


4. Vintage Lancer Camera by domestikate


Just so you know, that camera might just be gone by the time you click on the link.  I have a slight obsession for vintage camera.  They don’t even have to work…


Anyone want to talk me into spending more money than I should?