[for photographers] Free Resource :: creativeLIVE

In the name of free and awesome information, I wanted to share a fantastic photography resource with you all.

CreativeLIVE definitely tops the useful and cheap list.  I can’t even tell you how much I heart CreativeLIVE.

Created by Chase Jarvis, creativeLIVE provides the world with a free creative classroom.  And thank goodness that Chase is a photographer!  I love that so much of their content is photography related.

They wrangle in some of the top photographers in the country and talk shop with them.  We are not talking a one hour webinar.  We are talking a three to five-day seminar where we get to watch the professional work and listen to him or her talk about every detail of his or her business.  It is phenomenal!

I sat in on the Jasmine Star seminar and the David duChemin seminar, and, both times, I walked away with more than I could have even imagined.  And it was all FREE*!  (I reviewed both of these seminars of my fine art blog, so, if you click the links, you can check that out.)

The next one: Children’s Portrait Photographer Tamara Lackey

Whether you photograph children or not, I promise you that it will be awesome.  Take advantage of some of this free stuff, so you can save all of your money for some fun photo gear! 🙂


*** If you watch the live broadcast of the seminar, it is totally free.  If you want a downloadable copy of the show, that costs some money.  It’s $150 for anywhere from 20 to 40 hours of coverage, depending on the event.


And… after you watch the November 19th seminar, let me know what you think.  I would love to hear your thoughts about the creativeLIVE experience.