Maybe I won’t end up at Perkins this Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. 

Ronald and I live 1000 miles away from our families, which makes Thanksgiving one of our quieter holidays.  There is not enough time to travel up north, so we putter around Florida and enjoy young married holiday mishaps together.

There is something special about spending the holiday with just your husband.  It is so rare that you can’t ignore the feeling that you are creating a memory, an intimate and precious memory that you will giggle about forever.

For our first holiday away from home, I, of course, tried to cook a turkey for my husband.  I am a complete dolt in the kitchen, so I knew that the traditional method was not going to fly.  But I was struck with a moment of genius and decided to cook the turkey in a crock pot.

I thought I was safe.  There was just no way to mess this up!  Unless you forget to plug in the darn thing, and you let it “roast” overnight.  Ten hours later, we woke up to a very rotten and kinda smelly turkey.

We spent that Thanksgiving at Perkins.

To commemorate the adventure, my darling husband shaved his I’m-on-vacation beard into a fu manchu, and we ordered pumpkin pie and the Thanksgiving special.

This year, Ron’s family is in town for a visit, and it is so wonderful.  I want those holidays away from family to be rare, isolated incidents, so that they can become a special memory instead of a lonely routine.  Being so far from the people we care certainly takes its toll, so this year, I couldn’t be more thankful to have family nearby.

I still chuckle, though, when I think about Ron’s face when he discovered that rotten turkey, and I get a little teary eyed when I realize that I have a husband who will laugh out loud at such a thing and use it as an excuse for an adventure and a trashy haircut.

I don’t quite have the guts to show you the picture of the fu manchu, so, for this Thanksgiving, my puppy gets to be the star of this post.  🙂