Finding a fantastic location for your photo session

A killer location can transform a pretty picture of you to an awesome photography experience with you as the star.  A little dramatic?  Yeah, but I got a little thing for locations.

So… How do you find that fantastic location?

1. Think outside that darn box!

And I mean waaaaayyyyy outside!  In fact, take that stupid box, stomp on it, tear it into pieces, and burn the thing.

If you want your photo session to stand out from the crowd, go for an unusual location with some character.

Here is a little list of some of my dream locations.  Use them as inspiration to come up with the perfect location for your shoot.

– Thrift/antique store

– Vintage record or book store

– Toy store

– Wig shop

– Junkyard

– Laundromat

– Anything covered in graffiti

– Farmer’s Market or Orange grove or grocery store

– Mobile home park (anything with an Airstream trailer!)

– Carnival, amusement park, arcade

Heck, even The Waffle House would be great.  It would be great because it is unusual.  Find something unusual to set your photo session apart.

2. Choose a location based on an activity.

This is a great way to get a photojournalistic and lighthearted look to your photographs.  Also, it will help you relax and let your personality shine through the pictures.

If you are nervous about posing and you hate photographs with a forced expression, then center your photo session around doing something.  The pictures will be more candid and have a natural feel to them.

What  can you do for your photo session?

– Any sport: surfing, baseball, frisbee golf, etc.*

– Eat!  Visit a diner, go out for coffee, or grab some ice cream (Just be sure to check your teeth before the lens comes near you!)

– Take part in your favorite hobby: Stamp collecting, gardening, model trains, thrift store shopping, you can turn any of your favorite things into a photo session (yes, even stamp collecting)

– Go crazy!  Hot air balloon ride, sky diving, plowing a field with a tractor…

The possibilities are endless.

3. Choose a location because it means something to you.

Locations full of super cool backgrounds can make for some awesome pictures, but often, you will cherish the photos even more if the location holds some sort of meaning for you.

This is especially true for engagement or family sessions.  Returning to the place of your first date or visiting the putt-putt course where you spent your childhood birthdays can add a wonderful bit of sentiment to your photo shoot.  It creates such a personal and unique experience.

Also, your expressions and poses during the shoot tend to be more genuine.  During the photo shoot, you are recreating your memories, talking about how much fun you had, and reacting to the nostalgia that you are experiencing.  This is a wonderful thing to capture on camera!


P.S. Share some of your favorite location spots in the comments.  Let’s see what kind of crazy list we can come up with!

P.P.S. Got any questions about choosing a location?  Worries before a shoot?  Post those in the comments, too.  If I can’t answer, I will track down someone who can!  Trust me, I can track down some answers! Click here if you would like to read through the rest of the Client FAQs!


* Can’t you just tell how much I love sports?  I need to come up with examples, and I come up with frisbee golf!?!  Ridiculous.