[for photographers] Finding Balance.

There is more to balance than not falling over.

I’m sitting at lunch, and this is the fortune cookie I get.  I didn’t even eat Chinese food; someone just tossed a fortune cookie my way.  And this was it:

There is more to balance than not falling over.

Okay, God, I’m listening.

After ignoring all of the other nudges, and hints, and reminders to get my priorities in check, it was this random fortune cookie that finally hit home.

I need balance.  Real balance.  And soon.

My story is like so many of yours:  I have a full-time day job, I am trying to start my own photography business at the same time, and I have an amazing husband at home who deserves a lot more attention than I have been giving him lately… and so forth and so on.

For over a year now, I have been staying on the very edge of not falling over.  I have been working so hard to achieve my goals and get that dream, and I have been kidding myself the whole time, pretending that I am healthy, balanced, and that I have everything under control!

Well, I don’t, and I’m not!

So, I am asking you… How do you achieve balance???

Here are a few tips that I’ve read about, but, of course, haven’t tried yet:

1. Schedule your time

Write down an actual schedule of your day that includes the day job, the photography business, the family time, and any other commitments that you might have.  Most importantly, write down that family time.  We all know that it is the most important, but it tends to get pushed to the wayside first.

2. Practice efficiency and control the time suck

Does anyone else think social networking and blog surfing is a total time suck???  Get it all under control with a site like hootsuite.com (or WUPHF for my Office fans 😉 )  Limit yourself to an hour a day of facebook, twitter, and forum surfing time.  Do whatever is needed to control the wasted hours.

3.  ???????????????

Well… I don’t have a third one.  I am so bad at keeping things balanced and prioritized that I can’t even come up with a third way to combat it!

See why I need some help!?!  

P.S. Leave me a comment with your tips and thoughts.  If you’re fighting through the same things, let me know, and we will work through it together.  Let’s figure out how to achieve all of our dreams and still be sane enough to enjoy life!