Make-up tips for your photo session

Even though you do your own make-up everyday, applying make-up for your portrait session can cause a bit of stress.  It is difficult to know what your make-up is going to look like on camera, so here are a few quick tips to help you rock your session.

1. Go for a smooth, matte finish.

You will want to apply a little bit more make-up than you do on a daily basis, but make sure it is a matte finish.  Whether it is a matte foundation or just extra powder, it will keep your face from looking too shiny on camera. 

Shiny and shimmery make-up might be fun during the day, but it just makes your face look greasy on camera.  Don’t be the greasy face girl 🙂

2. Watch your skin tones!

This is a biggie!  The worst make-up mistake you can make on your photo day is to have uneven skin tones.  Don’t let your face color be different from your neck color!  Smooth that out. 

I know you’ve seen it before: the harsh orange line that follows a girl’s jaw around her face.  The camera loves that line, and Photoshop can do very little to make that line less noticeable.  So, before your session, check your face and neck tones in natural light.  Make sure that you have chosen the right foundation color and that there is a nice even blend around that jaw line.

3. Consider a professional.

Treat yourself to a make-up stylist for the afternoon.  Most make-up artists are experienced in applying make-up for photo shoots.  Take the stress off of yourself, and enjoy an afternoon in the make-up chair.  Let yourself feel like a model for a day!!!

*** One last note (and time for a big sigh of relief!) ***

Do NOT stress over a blemish or two!

For 99% of cases, it is easy for your photographer to cover up a couple of zits in Photoshop.  Don’t let it wreck your self-confidence!  I want you to look amazing, so I am just going to take out that little blemish, and you won’t even remember the torture that your recent chocolate and french fry binge caused.

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