A Slice of Life

I am trying to get back in the swing of things after the holidays, back to posting regularly, back to loving my camera as it deserves, back to life in general.

(Did anyone else just have that back to life, back to reality song run through your head?  It will now officially be in my head for days!  I deeply hate that song, by the way.  Traumatic childhood experience of hearing that song on the way to a funeral.  It was so ironically morbid that I still can’t stand the song.)


Here are just a few recent pics from the holidays and from life, taken with the adorable and new fujifilm instant camera.

Please excuse my mountain man of husband.  He takes vacations very seriously 🙂

We were starting our trip from Ohio back home to Florida, and we stuck a cup in a little notch on the side of our truck.  It made it all the way to Georgia!

Best pancake house this side of the Mississippi.

This one is not from the Christmas travels.  This one if from today.  I would hate to include a set of photos without including my puppy.  So, on the left, we have my little dog friend playing on the dock at home, and on the right, my soaking wet dog friend after he fell in the canal and I had to fish him out.  It was an eventful evening.  Once again, please excuse how horrid I look; I just fished a dog out of the canal!


P.S. Help!  I am starting to accumulate all these little instant pictures (it is so hard not to say Polaroids!  Can’t I just say Polaroid?), but I am not sure what to do with them.  I would love a fun way to display them at home.  Any ideas???