the in-person ordering session: how it works and why it will make you happy!

After we have our photo shoot together and I disappear for a couple of weeks to edit your photos, we will get together to view all of your new images.  You will also get a chance to purchase all of your prints and products.

Here are all the need-to-know details about the in-person ordering session 🙂

Why you’ll love it:

  • You will be able to ask your photographer tons of questions about the prints and products and get the answers right away!

You won’t have to deal with communication problems from email or delayed responses in sending messages back and forth.

  • You will get guidance about the perfect products to fit your needs!

I deal with prints, canvases, and albums all the time, so I can help you decide which size print you need for your entry way or if a photo book or an album will be better for your senior. I am there to give you any advice, information, and/or guidance that you would like.

  • You will get the best viewing experience for your photos!

Computers have all kinds of different monitors that work at different resolutions with different color displays. My computers are color corrected to make sure that they match the lab I use for printing, so your images on the computer screen will look just like the prints you order.

How does it work?

  • The in person ordering session will take place about two weeks after your photo shoot.
  • We usually meet at your home. I absolutely love meeting at a client’s home. I get such a wonderful glimpse into your life and your style, which helps me give you better advice about the prints and products that are perfect for you!

Don’t want to meet at your home? Not a problem! We can go out and grab a cup of coffee as we go over your photos and choose your products.

  • You will actually order and pay for your prints and products during the meeting. You won’t have to send checks through the mail or deal with ordering sheets. We will handle all of it right there as we look at your photos.
  • Still want an online gallery? Upon request, I can set up an online gallery for a limited time so other family members and friends can view the photos and order prints.

P.S. If you have questions, please leave them in the comments or send me an email. I would love to talk with you!  Click here if you would like to read through the rest of the Client FAQs!

P.P.S. Interested in booking a session? Please visit the contact page or send me an email directly. 🙂