[for photographers] Website Design for Non-Designers Part 2: You must choose: Time or money

In part one of the series, I talked about my process for figuring out what I wanted in a website and a brand. I talked about all the lists I made, and how I created an awesome inspiration board, which is such an important part of the process.

I needed to go through part one whether I hired a designer or not. I knew I needed to figure out what I wanted my brand to say about me, and if I didn’t do that first, I wouldn’t be happy with what anyone designed for me.

But then, I really had to figure out if I could spend the money for a designer or if I had the time to learn how to do it myself.

I was left with a big question: What was I willing to give up, time or money????

I was all for giving up money. I wanted to pass the project on to someone else, someone who could do it way faster, way easier, and way better than I could!

Unfortunately, I did not have several thousand dollars sitting around. And, if you’re reading this series at all, you probably don’t either! 😉

So, I was left with option number two: I had to give up my time.

I had a pretty ridiculous goal, too.  I wanted the cheapest website option possible, but a professional looking, awesome website that didn’t look like the same old, same old photography template sites that everyone else has.

That meant that I had to put a whole lot of time and a whole lot of effort into the project.  I had to learn how to do things that I had no idea how to do, and things that I never really cared to learn how to do. Parts of it were super frustrating, and while I am super proud of the end result, I would have gladly passed all of that work onto someone else.

I wanted to write this post for all of you who are considering designing your brand and website by yourself. I want you to understand what you’re really getting yourself into. I learned the hard way that it is not as easy as it seems!

Which one is best for you?

This lovely little flow chart gives you an overview of the whole deal:

Dude, I am telling you, if you have the money, rock it like a hurricane and get a designer. Your blood pressure will seriously thank you.

But, all is not lost if you are a nickel and dime saver like me! You can design a brand and build a website yourself. It will take some time, but I will be sure to tell you all of the tricks I learned and all of the mistakes I made in hopes that you can save some of that precious time! And just think about how accomplished you will feel when it is all said and done!


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P.S. I would love to hear your questions and comments! Let me know if you’re confused, overwhelmed, excited, or anything else that you might be feeling!

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