Allie :: Portrait Session Sneak Peek Melbourne, Florida

There is just something about a bookstore.  Time just seems to slow down as I drift up and down the aisles, browsing through titles and worn pages.  I just want to make a little nest in the worn chair in the back of the store until the owner has to close up shop, and I am forced to go back into the world where time speed up again.

Sigh.  I could just spend every day that way 🙂

Last weekend, I was able to photograph Allie’s day at the bookstore as she meandered her own way up and down the aisles.  Allie carried herself with such an endearing vintage charm and charisma that I didn’t want to miss photographing a single second of it!

Here are a few photos from our adventure:

P.S. I’m playing around with some different black and white looks… I would love to know what you think!