things that make me happy.

Sigh, sometimes things are just swirling around in my brain that make me smile and bring me all of those warm and fuzzy feelings that I love so much.  It feels like a good day to share happy, so, please, partake of all the happy you can 🙂

1. Water for Elephants

Soooooo, so, so loved this book*.  I just devoured the depression era world of the traveling circus.  The imagery made my head spin with inspiration and creativity. 

It’s romantic and intriguing, and definitely heart wrenching.  I teared up more than once, and I am a total sucker for books that make me cry.

By the way, so want to plan a shoot off of this book.  I am trying to track down all the right props and outfits.  Let me know if you have ideas 🙂  Looks like I have to act fast, too, because once the movie is out there are going to be circus themed shoots everywhere!

*Be warned, there are a few risqué moments to the book.  They’re easy to gloss over and not super important to the story line, but they are there, and they were quite raunchy.  End disclaimer.


2. Film cameras.

Is there anything better than a film camera?  I just don’t think so.  Lately, I have been all kinds of crazy over some photographers that specialize in film cameras.  Go search for them, or check out some of the more recent tags on my twitter page.  It will be a lovely adventure. 

I used to develop my own film back in the day, and I clearly have an unhealthy obsession for all things vintage, so I’m not surprised that I’m drifting into the film world again.

I would love to know your favorite film cameras or a good starting place to get back into it again.  I’m thinking a holga might be just the answer to my little dilemma. 

3. Taking a break.

Yes, today taking a break makes me happy.  I am going to try (and I really do mean try!) to slow down and take a little break from trying to do it all.  I think it will be a healthy move for me to spend more time with family and friends.  I need to relax and spend time with my Ronald instead of spending all my time at the day job or the photography business.

You’ll still see a post here and there (which I already wrote and scheduled!), but I am going to try and keep pretty quiet over the social media pathways for the next week or two. 

Wish me luck, because I am NOT good at taking time off!  Would love to hear your tips.  I need some help with this!

P.S. What is bringing you happiness this week?  Share your favorites.  Or let me know how you feel about my happy this week.  I can take it; I promise 🙂