[for photographers] be inspired by your limitations! say what???

Restrictions breed creativity.  I am reminded of this so many times!

Last night, I saw the Broadway show Wicked.  Amazing, epic, awe-inspiring, freakin’ awesome, yeah, it was all of that. 

But in the middle of the performance, I was struck by something.

All of this epic, awe-inspiring stuff was happening on a 2000 square foot stage.  

They are limited*, right?  No computer animation, no exotic locations, no fancy camera tricks, they are confined to a stage which limits everything they can do.

So why didn’t the show suck?  Because every time they saw a limitation, they got creative, way more creative than they would have to be if they had more space and more equipment.  It is that creativity that shocks the audience and makes the show legendary.  

I am so inspired by this concept.  It is the creativity that will make your photography epic.  It has nothing to do with the new camera, the new lens, or the new software.  Yes, all helpful tools, but it has so little do with what will make you a good photographer.  It is all about how you break out of the restrictions, how you think different, how you can create art out of seemingly nothing.

Be inspired.  Stop giving yourself excuses, and get creative!

* Total Wicked reference.  Who gets it?  😉

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