the denman family :: sneak peek family portrait session

Meet the Denman family: full of laughter and fun, and willing to meet me bright and early on a weekend morning! 

As a photographer, sometimes I get to have a different perspective about things.  While I am interacting with people and photographing them, it is really my job to just sit back and observe the relationships between people.

The entire time I photographed the Denman family, I was just struck by the love they have for each other, how comfortable they are together, and how much crazy fun they have.  Truly a beautiful family, and a family that kept me in a constant state of laughter!  I don’t even know how I kept the camera steady 🙂

Here is a look at a few of their moments together:

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P.P.S. Charity, the oldest daughter, is a photographer, too!  Check out her work here.  You may also recognize Allie from a previous session here on the blog.  Click here to see her portrait session!