kaila :: creative portrait session sneak peek

I have ideas for elaborate and crazy shoots rolling around in my head all of the time.  But getting the chance to make those ideas come to life, doesn’t come around all too often.  Last week, I got that chance.  I was able to design one of the shoots that I have been drooling about for months!  Let’s just say I was doing a lot of squealing as this all came together 🙂

I wanted birdcages and feathers and a gorgeous location and the perfect model, and when I found Kaila (or when she found me!), I knew I could make this odd little fairy tale shoot a reality. 

Thank you, Kaila, for being so awesome and totally getting the concept for this shoot!  You are gorgeous!  And thank you to Jennifer Terrero, who came along and shot with us and helped me wrangle all of those dang bird cages!

Enjoy the sneak peek…

Model: Kaila Walker

Hair & Make-up: Kaila Walker

Shoot Design & Styling: Kathleen Frank

Photography: Kathleen Frank

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