Kaila :: creative portrait session melbourne, florida

Trying to explain a creative shoot to someone is like trying to share a dream.  You get all excited to tell all the awesome or wacky or insane details of the dream, and two minutes in you realize you are talking nonsense.  No one understands your ridiculous abstract babbling.

It’s kind of like that.  So when I talked to Kaila about this idea, this “um, I am thinking a whole lot of birdcages” idea, I was beyond excited when she got it and that she was totally on board. 

Thank you, Kaila, for doing such an awesome job.  You made my vision of bird cages and fairy tales come to life!

Check out our shoot together 🙂


I also broke out the Yashica D film camera for the shoot.  I am so head-over-heels in love with film again.  I just adore these straight from the camera, full of imperfections, film images.  Does it get better than that!?!

Model: Kaila Walker

Photography and Shoot Design: Kathleen Frank

P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts!  Leave your comments below, and let Kaila know just how much she rocked this session!

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