[inspiration] three perfect decorating ideas for your photos

I am always looking for new ways to display photos and get all of the digital files off of the computer.  And while half finished creative projects are kind of my deal, here are some ideas that are at the top of my when-we-get-a-house-can’t-wait-to-try-this list.

The photo wall…


I pretty much stopped breathing when I saw the above photo.  I want, need, long for this huge photo wall.  Still working out the details of how to get one, but Annie McElwain’s blog features a slightly smaller version which she had custom framed.  Need to start talking to some framers.  I will have one of these in my house someday.  So in love with it!

Hanging photos…


So simple and whimsical!  Just string, hangers, and clothespins.  I am down with any creative and beautiful way to display a lot of photos.

And more hanging photos…

Source: google.com via marissa on Pinterest


A different take on the hanger idea, but such a cool.  These wooden hangers take framing to a whole new place, a wonderful and modern place that I want to live in forever and ever. 

P.S. Love these ideas, hate them, tried them, or have better ones?  Let me know in the comments, and we will have wonderful conversations about photography decorating projects.  Kind of my idea of the best day ever.

P.P.S. Okay, so I just conquered the whole pinterest thing and got myself an account.  Have pinned a whole three things so far 🙂 but if you’re on, leave your info in the comments so I can follow you!