[Book Review] Donald Miller :: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

Uggggg, could not get enough of this book!  While it is not exactly directed toward people in artistic professions, it is so perfect for the creative and anyone else who wants to write a better story with their life.

Donald Miller speaks with candor and bluntness in a way that I find so refreshing and completely inspirational.  I have read many of his books over the years, and LOVE every single one.

Throughout the book, he tackles his own transformation from a life low on inspiration and adventure to a life that is worth talking about, worth living, worth writing a story about.  And this was a time in his life when he was already an accomplished writer.  I was so drawn to the honesty that he had achieved his dream, but he was still not living a full life.

It will give you that push you need to keep dreaming big and live life with the people close to you.  It will also give guidance on how to start.  Philosophical books can be great and all, but I want a book that takes that theory and makes it practical, breaks it down, and shows you how to make all those ideas into a reality.  Donald Miller does that.

Honestly, it pumped me up.  I was so jazzed after reading this book, I just wanted to take on the world.  Perfect for someone that is already in the middle of a hard journey (like starting your own photography biz!) or someone who needs that little push to start his or her own adventure.

P.S. I so encourage you to pick up this book.  Pick it up and let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on the facebook page.  We will just start a little book club here on the blog 🙂