the film adventures

Quite literally, actually…

I shot a few frames during Courtney’s shoot and shot a few more out by the river.  Stuck those two little rolls in the mail, and off to the lab they went.  Weeks later, no film.  Days after that, no film.  My usual stalking of the mailbox for my film turned into something just shy of panic.  (Yes, I’m a bit dramatic when it comes to my film!)  That panic turned to heartbreak when I called up my lab and they knew nothing about the film.  It. was. lost. in. the. mail.

Somehow, though, a few days ago, a new package showed up on my doorstep.  In it, two beautifully wrapped, repackaged rolls of film.  I keep dreaming of their adventure as they traveled from coast to coast in the course of a few weeks, were found by a stranger, packed up in a new box, and sent back to me. 

So, stranger, I cannot thank you enough.  You have brightened up this photographer’s day 🙂

P.S. As of Saturday, I am off to Vegas!  I am so excited (and a bit overwhelmed!) to spend four days knee-deep in photography learning, new friends, and Vegas fun.  Make sure to follow me on facebook and twitter for the updates!