into the woods :: senior portrait session with kaila, melbourne, florida

Near the coast of Florida, everything feels packed in so tightly.  There is just no room for rolling fields and open plains when there is water front property to purchase… but not with my camera. 

When I look through the lens of my camera, a patch of grass, surrounded by buildings and roads and busyness, becomes a haven that seems to stretch on for miles.  Through the lens, the tightness and crowded feeling magically disappears, and when I look back at the photographs, I forget about all of the chaos that was only a few feet away and believe that a place with rolling fields and endless forests is real.

Here is a little forest sanctuary sneak peek for you with the gorgeous Kaila.  I was able to photograph Kaila a year ago, and it was such a fantastic experience to work with her again!  Thank you, Kaila, for just being amazing, and I can’t wait to show you the rest of your images!

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