adventures in miami :: jasmine star’s theFIX

Some days start out rough.  My plan to show up hours early to Jasmine Star’s theFIX in Miami was quickly hijacked by some miscalculated location scouting, a serious traffic jam, and a mysteriously hidden warehouse in the land of Miami.  It was officially one of those kind of days.

The complete breakdown started sometime around Ft. Lauderdale, after making it off the 45 minute stand still on the highway, landing smack dab in the middle of another grid locked traffic jam, and then getting stopped by a train, the. longest. train. ever.  Oooo, boy, that phone call to Ronald was not pretty.  Tearful and irrational does not even begin to describe…

But I got there.

And when I walked in, thirty minutes late, embarrassed, and without a seat to sit in, I noticed something.  I saw nothing but smiling faces.  The girl at the door welcomed me in, JD himself (yes, JD!) came up to say hello and found me a chair, and the room just had an air of positivity about it.  That’s the kind of event that Jasmine Star puts on, and that is the kind of people that show up to a Jasmine Star event.

The next three hours were filled with honesty and stories from Jasmine and conversations with the audience.  It was a wonderful time of learning, relating, and friendship making.

Jasmine – I can’t thank you enough for giving so freely of your time and knowledge and for supporting each of us on this journey!  Is it too weird to just follow your tour bus around the country and listen to you speak over and over again???  ‘Cause I think that would be the most amazing way to spend the month of March 🙂

P.S. Thank goodness for do-overs!  I completely bombed my photo-op opportunity (redundant???) with Jasmine at WPPI – we are talking completely blown out picture.  But got myself a do-over at theFIX 🙂  I was still a bumbling idiot, but I made it through!

P.P.S. Did you get to see Jasmine on tour or have questions about the experience?!  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!