windy day :: senior portrait session with coral, melbourne, fl

Movement.  I’m a bit obsessed with it in photographs.  It brings with it this feeling of life, of whimsy, of connection.  It takes a photo beyond pretty and posed and lets me sink into it.

So when the wind decided to come out for a visit during Coral’s photo shoot, I was ready, hoping to capture some of that carefree movement that I love so much.

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P.S. I am always pushing to find more ways to get that movement and freedom in my photos.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  What is the thing that you love to capture with your lens?  What helps you achieve it???  Leave your thoughts in the comments, and we’ll chat.

P.P.S. Senior portrait season is in full swing!  Want to know more?  Click here to find out the details about a senior photo shoot.  Ready to book?  Click here to contact me 🙂