[for photographers] before & after :: sunflower fields

Thought I’d share a little editing fun for my photographer friends out there 🙂  Check out this before & after from a recent shoot with the gorgeous Caroline.

The top image is straight out of the camera, and I have to say that Caroline looks A-Mazing straight-out-of-camera.  Who has skin like that!?!  The image felt like a fairy tale to me.  Soft and delicate as if it were of a more magical world.  I wanted to amplify that feeling in photoshop…

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How did I use photoshop to reach my fairy tale goal?  First, I cropped in to give it a more intimate feel and eliminate the shadows on her chest and that piece of grass in the lower right-hand corner. 

Then, perfected the skin.  Her skin is already amazing, but I really wanted that Snow White feel.  So I used the patch tool to smooth every thing out and get rid of a few stray hairs that were in her eyes.  This video gives a nice and simple explanation of the patch tool.  It is my favorite tool for retouching skin.  It removes blemishes, lines, and shadows but retains the texture of the skin.  No plastic skin!

Next, I ran my custom action that I created as a standard edit for all of my photos.  It mostly consists of curves to brighten the image, to add contrast, and to add a little bit of cross-processing.  *I’ll definitely go into more detail about how to do that in another post.

I know this post was pretty quick and dirty, but I could seriously type out a novel about editing!  I’ll post these more often and try to focus on a different tip or two each time to keep them short but useful 🙂


P.S. I would love to know how you like the before & after post!  Do you want to see more of this kind of thing?  What would you like to see me cover?  I am just dipping my toe into the editing tutorial pool, but I hope continue on with more detailed posts and video 🙂

P.P.S. Questions about editing?  Post below in the comments or head on over to the formspring page and ask away!