rudy & marta :: portrait session sneak peek, cocoa, fl

There is something so beautiful about photographing a couple.  I stood there with Rudy and Marta in front of my camera, and I was able to just watch two people be in love.  I got to watch Rudy and Marta be Rudy and Marta.

I watched Rudy whisper jokes that made Marta collapse in laughter.  I watched Marta melt into Rudy’s arms with a comfortableness that comes with years of being together.  I watched them with adoration in their eyes as they talked about each other’s quirks and foibles.  They fit seamlessly together, more as one person than two, completely and beautifully in love.

How lucky am I that I get to photograph that???

And… Rudy and Marta are also photographers!  We met up to photograph some images for their new website, which is in the design process now.  Definitely take some time to visit Rudy+Marta Photography and be sure to go back when the new site launches!

Here is a small look at our time together…

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