happy fourth of july…

Why not?  When someone said that we should pile in some cars, drive all night, spend the Fourth of July a few states over, and surprise a friend away at college, that’s what we said.  Why not? 

I was nineteen, and it still stands as one of the best Fourth of July’s ever.  No planning, no thought, just jumping in a car and having the best trip of your life.  That’s what the Fourth of July is all about; it is a holiday that does not take itself too seriously.  It’s not like Thanksgiving or Christmas where everything has to be planned and organized.  The Fourth is for hanging out, impromptu road trips, blowing things up!  Does it get better than that???

So, I wish you all the best, relaxed Fourth of July ever, full of all kinds of unplanned fun.  Here’s to backyard bbqs and blowing things up!  🙂

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P.S. What are your fun Fourth of July stories?  Share away in the comments 🙂