behind the lens :: life on instagram

Nothing made me happier than when Instagram (@kathleenfrank) came to Android.  I know, I know, an Android user in the photography world???  What am I thinking!?  It’s true, though.  Not only do I have an Android phone, I’m also working on a PC right now!  I can feel the lynch mob forming as I type 😉

So here’s a little Instagram look of what I’ve been up to this summer…

1. When I met up with these adorable girls and their mom after their shoot, I got presents!  Two painting pictures of the ocean, just like where we had our photo shoot.

2. I love shooting behind the scenes pics when I’m on a shoot, and I am trying to consistently  instagram them as I go.  Here’s one from a family session that will hit the blog in a few weeks.

3. Have you heard of Diesel & Juice???  I am more than a little obsessed with her custom pet portraits.  I cannot wait to have one done, but until then, I got this fantastic little camera print for my new office.

4. A back-of-the-camera look from last week’s shoot with the gorgeous Lorena.

5. What does my husband buy with a Barnes and Noble gift card?  Garfield comic books!  How much do I love him!?

6. My Mitchell. ♥

7. Scanning Polaroids 🙂  I had no idea that my little at-home scanner could handle film prints, but it did!  Way easier than my previous and totally ghetto way of using my camera to take photos of prints 🙂

8. Pop-Rock from the mid-nineties. ‘Nuf said.

9. The to-do list!  Which I could only bring myself to snap a picture of when so much of it was crossed off.


P.S. What’s your instagram been like this summer?  Leave your screen name below, and we’ll be friends!  Find me @kathleenfrank 🙂