behind the lens :: life on instagram

Life has been more than a little hectic lately, but here’s a few shiny moments from the last few weeks 🙂

1. Is it sad that I’m in love with a camera?  I finagled this ploaroid from my dad, and I am so enthralled with it!

2. Sold some internal organs for a little polaroid film love 🙂  I grabbed it on Amazon, but it is originally from The Impossible Project.  Definitely check them out!  They are doing wonderful things to keep polaroid film alive and kicking.

3. I got completely caught up in a Woody Allen documentary on netflix the other day.  Honestly, I am not a huge follower of his work, but his thoughts on creativity were completely fascinating.  (They so deserve their own blog post.)  If you are a netflix junky and out of shows to watch until the new episode of Project Runway, definitely give it a shot!

4. My sister is having a baby!  So that meant a trip to Ohio to see family, and hopefully several more before my little niece is born.

5. My Mitchell. ♥

6. I love everything about The Light Fantastic Etsy shop.  Not only is Mandy Bryant one of the sweetest internet friends I have ever known, but her photography is just perfection.  I adore how she sees the world.  So I bought some prints perfect for the office in the new home!

7. Sometimes the best night ever is when a drive around town with your husband turns into a smuggling-ice-cream-into-the-theatre movie date.

8. Rocking it old school with my super cool nephews.

9. I just need to buy a plane ticket once a month to get some reading done!  Had these two books on the plane to Ohio, and plowed through Rework.  Fantastic read for the small business owner.  Love Does is next on the list.  Please do not let me wait until the next plane ride to read it!


P.S. My instagram has been a bit quiet lately, but I’ll do better!  You can find me @kathleenfrank  🙂