the wright family :: portrait session melbourne, florida

Ruby ran down the pier.  Her little legs were so quick, one adorable toddler leg in front of the other.  Then out flew the arms, and she jumped.  Right into Papa’s arms.  Papa scooped up that girl like he never would let go, hugging and laughing until it was time for Ruby to jump down and do it again.

I know that people say that children are repetitive in the craziest of ways, but, as Ruby jumped down again and again, I am pretty sure that both Nana and Papa would have let her run into their arms all day long.

Take a look at a wonderful afternoon with the Wright family 🙂

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P.S. Miss Ruby is growing up!  Check out our photo shoot together from last year.  🙂

P.P.S. October and most of November are completely booked!  If you want to grab a spot for your own family photo shoot, click her to contact me!