cynthia :: mini profile photo shoot, melbourne, florida

Cynthia was just about to start an entirely new journey.  She was moving from the beaches of Florida to a new job in Denver.  And to kick off her snowy mountain move to a new place with new people, she wanted a fresh set of profile pictures.

A mini-session was the perfect fit for Cynthia.  She just wanted a few images to celebrate her time her in Melbourne and the start of her new adventure in Colorado.  We met up on her favorite beach, and I am so glad that I got to capture her stunning self in front of my camera!

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P.S. Looking for an update to your profile pics or headshots?  A mini-session is the perfect answer.  They are super quick, super relaxed, and get you just what you need to have an updated photo for all of your social media and headshot needs.  Contact me for more details 🙂