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eeeeek! 30 days of film winner!

Refresh.  Refresh.  Refresh.  I clicked refresh on Hailey Bartholomew’s blog again.  An embarassing amount really.  Waiting to see the results of her and Sue Bryce’s30 Days of Film contest.  Then I clicked again, and I couldn’t even form words.  My video was at the top of the page.

To say I’m humbled does not even begin to describe it.  I am completely stunned and grateful that Hailey and Sue saw something in my little video.  Who says you need kids to have a cute family video!?! 🙂

Sue and Hailey, I cannot thank you enough for this amazing opportunity!  Thank you for being so willing to share what you know of creativeLIVE and your generous hearts.  I will always remember this project and this experience as such a turning point in my business!

Check out the video here… 🙂

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