on the move!

Ahhhhh!  There are so many big changes going on around here, and I don’t even know where to start!  *insert drum roll*  We’re MOVING!  Ronald and I are hitting the road and moving to New Hampshire.  Nashua, New Hampshire to be specific. 🙂

Earlier this summer, Ronald started looking for a new job.  He talked and interviewed with companies all over the country, but it was New Hampshire that just felt like the perfect fit.  Can you get any different from Florida???  So I’m packing up the business, and we are off to become New Englanders.

We’ll be moving mid-August, so please excuse the dust around here and on the facebook page!  I’m getting overwhelmed just thinking of the packing that needs to happen! 

P.S. Want to follow the fun?  I’ll be updating instagram with moving adventures and then back to business as usual in September.

P.P.S. Who has been to or lived in New Hampshire?!?  I would love to hear your stories!  Please comment below or send me an email. 🙂