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Music: A Reason Why by Ben's Imaginary Band

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behind the scenes video :: tori’s senior model photo shoot

During Tori’s senior model photo shoot, we decided to switch things over to video and get…

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*** 2012 seniors, there are only a few short months before graduation!  Click here to contact me about your own sen

behind the scenes video :: courtney’s editorial portrait photo shoot

Back in college, I used to spend hours sealed up in a little vault with an…

music: "Tell The Stories" by The Twin Atlas

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P.S. How do you feel about the video thing?  Do you want to see more?  Getting tired of video and want photographers to just stick to their cameras?  You can share your thoughts below or behind the scenes :: mallory’s senior portrait photo shoot

I have been dying to conquer the mountain that is called video.  It is photography’s cool…